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9 Reasons Why You Should Book With Me

Hello there, I hope you are keeping well and having a good week. So here it is, the final instalment in my mini series, '9 Reasons Why'. In this post I am going to outline the top 9 reasons why I believe you should book your next trip with me and my partners, Travel Counsellors. I hope the below goes some way in convincing you that you are in very safe hands. Enjoy!

I Care - First and foremost, I care about my customers. I care about their experiences and it genuinely matters to me that you return with priceless memories. I have worked in the travel industry for a very long time and visited so many amazing countries. I want my customers to experience the same lasting impressions on various destinations that I have felt for so many years.

Great Value - I will always do my best to source the best airfares, hotel rates and packages for my customers. Having the backing of a reputable organisation such as Travel Counsellors, gives me and ultimately you, access to reduced negotiated airfares and hotel rates that are very competitively priced. We also work with a number of partners in resort across various parts of the globe who allow us to take advantage of great value services such as transfers and excursions. There are also no additional costs to use my services but plenty of added benefits as you can see.

Knowledge - Over the past 25 years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on various locations throughout the world. I have collected hidden gems that the internet does not know about which I like to call my golden tickets. We all know that the internet has made booking holidays a lot easier over the years but one thing the internet does not give you is local knowledge. I can't remember the last time the internet recommended a small local restaurant or a unique viewing point where nobody else goes. Knowledge is priceless, it's as simple as that!

Financial Protection - As we head into 2021, financial protection is a huge selling point for us at Travel Counsellors. We are proud to be able to offer a 100% financial protection guarantee meaning that you are completely protected. No ifs, no buts, you are covered. If an airline was to go bust for instance, we have insurance in place that protects you. I have a lot more information on this protection so please do reach out to me and I can go into a lot more detail with you.

Personal Service - When you book online via a travel website, you are just one very small fish in a very big pond. When you book through me, it's personal. There will be no more holding on the phone to get through to an airline. No more trying to amend or cancel a hotel that you no longer require. No more chasing holiday companies for refunds. I look after all of the above for you and more. I am your personal travel expert dedicated to you and your needs. You are more than just a number to me, you are a friend.

Flexible Hours Of Work - Having my own business allows me to be flexible. I am able to work around you and be available for a chat at whichever time suits you. I understand that others have day jobs too so if your preference is an evening call, just let me know. Equally, if discussing your plans is easier over a weekend, I will always make time for you.

Group Bookings - For the last 8 years, I have specialised in group travel. Group travel at times can prove to be a complex job. Organisation and time is key and I would love to be able to offer my services should you or anyone else that you know, require a helping hand with a group booking, however large or small. I am here to take the stress out of group travel. Let me be the sole contact for all travellers to contact so that you do not have to manage every individual. Sports groups, social groups, family events, weddings or any other type of group, I'm your man.

Our Partners - Being one of the largest travel providers in the UK, Travel Counsellors have formed a number of very strong relationships over the years with other travel providers which allows us to provide a reliable in resort service to every one of our customers. You can rest assured that you will be looked after whilst on your travels and if you do need to contact us whilst in resort, we are only a phone call away.

My Promise To You - There are very few websites and robots out there that will give you a guarantee when booking your holiday. In fact, sometimes they may not even speak to you at all.

I promise that for every single one of my customers, I will source the most competitively priced travel options that are most suited to your needs, go the extra mile on every enquiry and deliver a first class personal service on every single occasion. I will do my upmost to ensure that your trip is as memorable as possible and that you return from your travels happy, refreshed and happy to book with me again.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this series - I hope you enjoyed it. As we head towards the festive period, you know where I am when thoughts of travel enter your head and you are ready for us to start looking at that next adventure - together.

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