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Abu Dhabi - The Dazzling Heart Of The UAE

I must admit, the main reason why I initially chose to visit Abu Dhabi was because I was the lucky winner of a prize within our industry for a free hotel stay at the incredible Fairmont Bab al Bahr 5 star luxury hotel. So I booked the direct flights from Manchester with Etihad Airways and I was off! Having previously visited Dubai quite a few years before hand, I was half expecting a similar outlook in Abu Dhabi. I was completely off the mark and realised that as soon as we landed.

The view from our hotel of the Grand Mosque (pictured above) was simply stunning. Everything about Abu Dhabi seemed very clean, crisp and well thought out. In comparison, Dubai seemed to be a lot more spread out and less appealing on the eye. Dubai also has a greater population which may or may not make a difference. Being the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is rich in culture. There are many mosques to visit and a number of museums and art galleries that are also well worth a visit.

There are a number of other attractions on offer in Abu Dhabi - one of which takes the top spot for me. If you are into water parks, laying by the pool or you're looking for a fun day out with the kids, Yas Waterworld (pictured below) is a must. Situated on Yas Island, the waterpark has many slides, a huge pool with a wave machine and many other water related activities on offer. I would recommend that you speak to the hotel or someone else locally who will advise on the best day of the week to visit.

The weather in Abu Dhabi, like Dubai, is fantastic. In fact, I would recommend that you avoid the summer months where possible as it can approach 40 degrees in the height of the summer. The minimal amount of rainfall ensures that the weather is a dry heat and humidity is low so that combined with a fresh sea breeze makes it the perfect climate.

There are plenty of places to eat out in Abu Dhabi and plenty of malls to discover if you enjoy shopping. The majority of bars tend to be in the hotels which is the norm in the UAE but you will find a number of lively places to drink in the evenings if you're partial to a bit of karaoke or a disco!

The other highlight of my trip to Abu Dhabi was our visit to Ferrari World. This great day out is not just for the car loving petrol fuelled enthusiast, it is a great day out for the whole family. There are a number of great rides, educational activities and hands on experiences, along with plenty of restaurants and shops throughout the venue.

The above two activities are just a small snippet of what Abu Dhabi has to offer. Abu Dhabi has great beaches, stunning hotels and plenty more day trips to consider. It is very accessible from the UK with a number of daily flights on offer from various UK airports and offers a great value experience for all.

As always, if you are considering a trip to this beautiful destination in the heart of the UAE, please do make contact, I would love to help.

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