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Malaysia - The lush, green gem of the Far East

Welcome aboard this trip to Malaysia. I visited this beautiful country quite a few years ago and would absolutely love to return to this lush, green paradise. Malaysia was in fact the very first long-haul destination that I have visited so at the time I remember feeling completely blinkered and open minded to what I was about to see and do whilst on this trip. I would say Malaysia was the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the Far East.

Flight options from the UK are plentiful and I departed from London Heathrow with British Airways. First stop, the capital Kuala Lumpur. As a city, I loved the fact that KL was not only a metropolis of tall, looming skyscrapers and electrifyingly busy, but it is also very green which creates a lovely balance. You will notice a 'lush' theme throughout this post as Malaysia is famous for its heavy rainfall at certain times of the year and humidity which in turn has created a very green environment. As you can see from the picture below, Kuala Lumpur is almost a city within a jungle.

Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer and the city is dominated by the huge Petronas Twin Towers which you can see above. The observation deck is well worth a visit as the views are spectacular. The food on offer in the city is fantastic and caters for all tastes. The city is also full of history so I would recommend a 3 day stay in KL to take advantage of other landmarks and historical sights that are well worth visiting.

Next stop on my trip was the island of Penang and its capital, George Town. I was lucky enough to stay in the Rasa Sayang hotel in Penang which is a beautiful beach hotel in an idyllic location on the waters edge. After the hustle and bustle of KL, it was lovely to relax and unwind on the beach. Penang has beautiful beaches and plenty of water sports on offer for those looking for something a little more active.

Although Penang is predominantly a beach resort, it's capital George Town is a must for anyone visiting Penang. I visited George Town in the evening and it was by far the best time to visit as it's a city that comes to life after dark. It is a small city with some amazing street food on offer which is well worth sampling if you are partial to something 'different' shall we say. Apart from the crickets on a stick, I did try some incredible chicken satay which is the best satay I have tried to this day. Beware though, some of the options are very spicy indeed. I would also recommend a rickshaw ride around the city as this is an experience you will never forget, trust me!

Last stop on my visit to Malaysia was the resort of Langkawi. This tropical resort is lush. green and totally immersive. I stayed at the glorious Datai hotel which is nestled in the rainforest with its monkeys lining the roads on the approach to the main entrance - almost like a welcome party celebrating an important arrival. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by my surroundings and for the first time in my life, I felt a million miles away from normal every day life.

Langkawi is a quiet resort so it is the perfect end to a multi sector itinerary that has been non stop from the word 'go'. Its beaches are beautiful and like anywhere in Malaysia, the hospitality you receive and the welcome from the locals, is quite something. Malaysia is full of friendly smiles and in Langkawi, you'll notice a few more friendly smiles from a number of the slightly more fury locals!

These beautiful creatures will grace you with their presence in a number of hotels in Langkawi but at the Datai, a few of them have become residents. As you lay by the pool listening to the sounds of the rainforest that surrounds you, you'll hear their call as they swing from tree to tree. It really is a heavenly sound if you've never experienced it before.

Malaysia really is a beautiful, friendly, lush and captivating country. It has so much to offer every visitor and highlights what many destinations in the Far East have to offer. If you are looking for itinerary inspiration, have any questions or would like me to check availability and give you a rough idea of costs to visit this amazing country, please do make contact. As always, I would be happy to help. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Your continued support is much appreciated.

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